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12 Μαΐ 2013

New political party in Greece with main claim the Grexit

“Drachma", Greek Democratic Movement of Five Stars
In May 1 completed treatment and filed on May 2 of 215 founding members and approved by the Supreme Court, the creation of a new political party named “Drachma, Greek Democratic Movement Five Star” focusing on the following five basic positions :
1) Overthrow the Memorandum,
2) Return to the drachma,
3) Robust growth
3) National dignity,
5) Social justice.

The Drachma 5   cooperates with political actors, movement initiatives and individuals, with a common focus on return to national currency and for this purpose raises the issue of referendum.   It promotes   cooperation at European and international level, seeking to create an alliance of countries in southern Europe. Members and friends of the party can become people who share its basic principles and have not been convicted for serious criminal or civil offense. In the initial founding phase, head of the Movement is a three member Secretariat, elected by the Provisional Central Government that includes persons from various political and professional directions, economists, University professors, businessmen, ex judiciary, lowers, doctors, mechanical engineers, agriculturalists, computer scientists, etc. Creator and main founder of the party is Theodore Katsanevas ( Ph.D., L.S.E.), professor of economics at the University of Piraeus and ex member of the Greek Parliament.

The Drachma 5, the Greek Democratic Movement of Five Star, is represented by active citizens and cadres from most professional and political spheres not involved in signing the Troika’s Memorandum. It expresses the patriotic socialism with a human face, with social solidarity, with efficiency, honesty, transparency and meritocracy, with sensitivity to the non-privileged citizens and environmental   protection ; commitment to the country’ s self development by shifting to domestic production and consumption, as well as to the reorganisation and modernisation of state governance. It is inspired by the  Greek great  spiritual tradition that gave birth to the European Union of fellowship, convergence and solidarity. It opposes the   multicultural globalization,   the dominance of the monetary casino-capitalism over the real  economy  ; resists the “ holy alliance" of  non-controlled capital free movement, the existence of international tax paradises, the mixing of commercial with investment banks, the monetary gambling practices that erode the real economy of human labour.

After painstaking study and process, the powerful scientific staff of the Movement, has established a comprehensive plan for directing the country towards a controlled default and exit from the euro zone, return to national currency  ;  regenerate its productive base to recover economic competitiveness and tidy state well with efficient and honest administration, ethnocentric orientation with appropriate international alliances, while   strengthening the status of the welfare state and the underprivileged citizens. The political platform of the Movement focuses on the following points:

·         Remove the Troika Memorandum and as said, return to the national currency the drachma, with controlled default, renegotiation and trimming debt to levels of 50-70%, with elongation repayment of the balance and grace period of 2-3 years.
·         Strengthen the country’s historical national culture, within the European Union of the peoples and not of the markets and banks, promote multidimensional foreign policy based upon the national interest, control illegal immigration effectively, prevent young Greeks to flee abroad,  strengthen political and demographic ties with the Greeks all over the world
·         Promote the alliance of the countries of southern Europe, with a mandate of the exit from the euro for Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus; return to national currencies, examine tiding the exchange rates of our currencies and the creation of free trade zones  ; establish common economic, banking, monetary practices, following a common political and economic course for strengthening our geopolitical power, negotiate debts, exploit energy and productive resources by establishing the Autonomous Economic Zone connecting the Mediterranean link of Portugal, Spain, Italy, Malta, Greece, Cyprus and Israel, in accordance with the international law of the sea.
·         Support   the domestic entrepreneurship, production, and consumption; enhance employment, in order to regain   competitiveness of the economy   leading towards a fairer distribution of the national income in favor of the low and the middle incomes and taking measures for environmental protection.
·         Control the banking system, the capital flows and the speculative financial transactions,  support the abolishment of international tax paradises and tide control of free capital movement, as well as imposing the separation between commercial and investment banking.
·         Promote strategic investments for robust growth with  export orientation of Greek enterprises, with direct exploitation of the energy and the mineral wealth, of alternative energy sources, the enhancement of healthy industrial and manufacturing plants ;  of agricultural production, modern crops, farming, food industry, beverage and fertilizers, the quality, marine and archeological tourism, fashion cloths, leather, shipbuilding, pharmaceutical, cement, steel and defense industry, innovation and repair artisanship mainly in mechanical, information and communicational technologies ;  transport, marine, logistics and financial services ;  developing  international educative and research centers by reclaiming the numerous Greek scientists internationally and create  central investment bank, mainly for the Greeks and the friends of Greece from all over the world.
·         Restrict the state and government expenditure, rationalize the public administration,  install zero budgets and rational allocation of civil servants ;  combat corruption, impunity, bureaucracy, tax avoidance and evasion,  establish a stable, simple and fair tax system connected to information and communication technologies ;  reorganize a fair and effective health, social security and social policy system ; develop  effective plans for busting employment, modernize the educational system in accordance with both its spiritual aspects and its links with labour market needs, taking care in particular for technical education and career guidance.
·         Establish the institutional renewal by not allowing the same persons to occupy executive positions more than two terms of office (Prime Minister, ministers, prefects, mayors, etc.)  and promote in general, political cadres with irreproachable biography, knowledge, skills, competence and integrity.
·         Enchase genuine democracy and decentralization but precede the general interest of the country towards self-centered localism and corporatism, adherence to collective effort and personal responsibility, rules of meritocracy, transparency and controls to combat corruption and bureaucracy ; speed  up  smooth and fast operation of justice and reactivate a comprehensive renaissance of classical culture  and the arts based on humanitarian and spiritual values.