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17 Μαρ 2015

Greece is essentially under attack by the conservative forces that control the Eurozone

By Anastasios Retzios

Greece is essentially under attack by the conservative forces that control the Eurozone (and, in extension, the whole of Europe).  This attack is unprecedented in modern European history. One has to go back to Napoleonic times and Concert of Europe to find out examples of the then powers conspiring and openly intervening to eradicate what they regarded as “revolutionary or radical” governments in other European states.  It is uncontestable that the leading governments of the Eurozone want to not only defeat but also humiliate the current government of Greece.  They want it to accept the total divestment of sovereignty that the lending agreement of 2012 legally enabled.  This includes the uncontrolled command of all policies in the country by the “Brussels group”.  One by one, the government’s “positions” are being erased and an occupation-style regime is forced upon the country.

Although this current government committed the cardinal sin of entering negotiations without any serious Plan B, the animosity in engendered in the conservative cycles of the Eurozone leadership (mainly Germany but also Holland, Finland and Austria) was disproportional to (a) its rhetoric and (b) the sums it requested.  The country is now enduring a virtual barrage of attacks daily for the miserly sum of 7 billion Euros.  Schaeuble and his acolytes insist that Greece must enable “reforms” (mostly undefined) before getting any of that 7 billion Euros.

As some of you know, I am not a great supporter of the inept negotiating tactics of this government.  But the outright hostility by the Eurozone leadership and its attempt to fully humiliate it, have left me amazed (about as amazed with the Greek attachment to Euro at the face of these daily humiliations).   Apparently, even a minor concession to this government will not be entertained.  It must be crushed, and crushed totally.  It should be taken through the ringers, openly and visibly humiliated and kicked around as much as possible.

So, instead of worrying too much about policies towards the unfortunate and barefoot refugees and the “great disaster to the Greek nation they represent”, how about raising a voice about the open warfare the country is involved in?  Do you have anything meaningful to say??