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30 Ιουν 2015

YES” means in this referendum the total surrender of the country to the uncountable and unelected “barons” of the Eurozone

Anastassios D. Retzios, PhD
San Ramon, California, USA

The current discussion in Greece on the upcoming referendum is not a political one.  It is a national one. There is little doubt what “YES” means in this referendum; it means the total surrender of the country to the uncountable and unelected “barons” of the Eurozone (who will appoint, for the 2nd time, their own procurator to rule the country), the continued bleeding of the economy with the siphoning of another 12 billion euros from its fast shrinking GDP, the uptake of more debt, the continued brain drain, the continuing recession and severe unemployment and the destruction of a whole new generation of Greeks who have experienced only unemployment.  This is not really open to debate.

These are facts.  Even by the IMF’s own research papers, “becoming poorer in order to become richer” does not work and it has never (let me repeat this, NEVER) worked.  So that we are fully clear on this and not have any self-delusions.   If you vote “Yes”, how can you face yourself in the mirror the day after? If you, by your own vote, cause the death of many of your fellow citizens and consign so many to hunger and deprivation, would you ever forgive yourself?

A vote for “NO” may be at least a beginning in the search  for the country’s own solutions without overlords.  It may not be easy in the first few months, but eventually most problems will be solved.  The wreckage of the last 6 years will start being repaired.  Our future will be in our hands; Imagine this!. No more Junker and Schaeuble to dictate their terms.  

The country would not have the fear that a brutal banker like the vampire Draghi will cut off the liquidity of its markets at any moment it is not “obedient” to the commands of its overlords.   Some of you afraid of “isolation” …but where are all these “friends” that we have???  Some are afraid of the danger from the “East”; however, aren’t these “the friends” of ours who have essentially requested the disarming of the country with a cut back of 400 million euros annually from the defense budget and the dismissal of as much as 30% of the army? Can we deny this??? What is our answer to this?  I say that the answer is, very much as it was in 1940, “NO”.

To me, the choice is clear.  Unfortunately, I am here, in the US.  Thus, I can only say to you that the opportunity to do something important, something great, to take a courageous stand and come up victorious or bloodied, comes only once (even if that) in a lifetime.  When you stand up to be counted next Sunday, do not come up short.  If you are afraid of the unknown, face it.   As Franklin Roosevelt said in a similar situation, “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”.  As you pass by several statues, portraits, memorials of Greeks who stood up in previous times, just remember; they were also fearful of the future; they were common men, just like all of us.  But they did not allow fear to overcome them.  They overcame it.Do your duty.