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16 Απρ 2015

The leading international economist and a great supporter of our country Paul Krougman and his long-awaited speech

Tomorrow Friday at 5.30 pm. Paul Krugman, the leading economist, Nobel Price winner and friend of Greece, will speak at the Athens Megaron-Concert Hall about “ Europe: What next? ». The most important political columnist of America ​​according to the magazine The Washington Monthly, will speak on the state and future of the European economy, in light of the recession caused by the austerity policies, and the mixture of policies that should be adopted to make the European project viable. He will be introduced by Gerasimos Arsenis, the President of the Institute of Research and Policy Strategy for Development and Governance, (ADGI-INERPOST), who  had the great initiative of the invitation. The speech of Paul Krugman,  has attracted the interest of many thousands of people who will not unfortunately be able to hear it. Admissions are free with an invitation from the Institute. Hopefully,
we hope that, Paul Krugman, will give the opportunity to numerous of his readers and fans in Greece to hear it in a second speech. The Greek government must  honor him as required, given that Krugman many years from the beginning of the crisis, is a great  supporter of our country with his articles from his  permanent column at the New York Times. We welcome the initiative of Makis Arsenis and Louka Katseli who first took care to bring to our country the greatest economist-- thinker of our time.

I believe that the Greek government should seek his help and advice on a permanent basis if he was physically ready for this. The knowledge, wisdom, practical thinking, sympathetic attitude towards Greece and the enormous prestige of Paul Krougman, undoubtedly would  assist the Greek government and the country's effort to meet the storms of the times. Some titles of his articles in support of our country are the folowing: "The Tsipras will not betray the voters and will never earn the appreciation of the elite of Davos." "Europeans be realistic and not pushing another Greece "," Greece as victim ",," The localization of economic policy "," Hard hearts, light minds, "people of the eurozone," The Greece is unable to recover these euro and Troika "" Germany harms evrozon "," The drachma only way to Greece "

The views, positions, arguments of this great scientist, thinker and man, are for me and my colleagues a unique beacon of knowledge, an invaluable guide political and economic guidance. For this reason, me and my colleagues often translate and post his articles in various websites and blogs.

Paul Krugman  did his doctorate in economics at MIT University in 1977 and taught at Yale University, Stanford University and MIT. He is currently professor of economics and international affairs at Princeton University (Princeton) and the London School of Economics (Centenary Professor). In 2008 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for his work in the field of trade,

In recent years, Paul Krugman writes articles on a consistent basis by exerting enormous global influence. He  is the leading current representative, the "Guru" of modern neo-Keynesian school . He  focuses on the  need to limit the austerity  policies  and replace them with a growth potential. Based on these principles, he has repeatedly condemned the extreme austerity policies pursued by Berlin, which in his view, are destroying Europe and particularly countries like Greece. His articles include documentary evidence with  unique clarity and convincing comments. He has the rare ability to convert abstruse economic concepts and data in easy to understand writing, without losing their scientific basis.

In his articles for the Argentina case, he  massacres all who support that Buenos Aires was destroyed after the peso went way from the dollar. He proved the opposite by invoking incontestable official economic data from western international institutions. He attacks the destructive action of vulture funds, sucking with uncontrolled greed of global wealth in the guilty tolerance of the global banking system. He highlights the continuing and unacceptable widening income disparities between the rich and the poor worldwide, attributing it, always with arguments and evidence, the primary responsibility to end domination of finance capitalism of our time. He expresses in this way, the need for economic policy at the service of the people and not at the service of the banks.

Paul Krougman, the leading contemporary economist, is an oasis of humanitarian and pragmatic economic thought in our  hard times, when the rich get richer and the poor poorer.

The case of “Greece as a victim” of the eurozone and especially of the German economic neo-imperialism, (see also his article with the same title), is one of his popular themes. Many other of his articles provide a positive sign for our country. For this, we must  express our gratitude to Paul, even if some honest thinking people may disagree with his political and economic views.