22 Νοε 2016

Lyndon LaRouch : "ΤheTrans-Atlantic system has abruptly come to an end.”

A Truly Revolutionary Moment to Seize After all the teeth-gnashing that went on in Europe over Brexit, the election of Donald Trump as next President of the United States has made clear that the vote in the UK was not an isolated event, but the first shot in a global revolution. The present moment has been described by Lyndon LaRouche as one in which the “old Trans-Atlantic system has abruptly come to an end.” And just as rapidly as that old system is cratering, a New Paradigm, based on the “win-win” policies of Xi Jinping’s aggressive and
successful organizing for the New Silk Road (NSR), with full support of Russia’s President Putin, is emerging. Though the old elites described the Trump victory as “shocking” and “unexpected”, clearer heads had seen it coming. 

The City of London-Wall Street establishment responded to the crash of 2008 by continuing the same economic/financial policies which had caused it, bailing out speculators, while imposing deadly austerity on the population. As the NSR has been embraced by nations representing more than half the world’s population, the old establishment has launched proxy wars, as in Syria, run a coup in Brazil while threatening President Zuma’s government in South Africa -- both BRICS nations -- and moved provocatively toward war with Russia and China. 

None of these policies have the support of the American population, which is war-weary, and fed up with fraudulent statistics proclaiming an economic recovery, when they know their family circumstances have worsened. Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were repudiated by voters, who saw in Trump one who, during his campaign, showed the same contempt for the Bush-Obama-Clinton establishment, which they felt. In his victory speech, and in his initial steps in diplomacy (cf. below), Trump has shown that he may be steered toward the New Paradigm. 

In addition, his call for a return to GlassSteagall banking regulation, and a robust infrastructure/job creation program, has the old establishment elites screaming hysterically. As promising as these signs are, the disgraced establishment neocons and neolibs are using every channel they have to contain or subvert the potential of a Trump presidency. With this in mind, LaRouchepac organizers greeting the lame duck (i.e., still seated) Congress last week with LaRouche’s economic program of Four Basic Laws, insisting that the priority is that Glass-Steagall be voted in at once, during the lame duck session (cf. SAS 46/16). 

The organizers found unprecedented interest, and significant positive response. Recognition that the old paradigm is over-ripe for burial appears to have reached even usually corrupt and cynical Members of Congress! Lyndon LaRouche Interviewed by Republican Party Strategist Lyndon LaRouche was interviewed on Nov. 19 by Republican Party strategist Roger Stone on his Stone Cold Truth radio show. He began the interview with a long introduction of Mr. LaRouche, noting his presidential campaigns from 1976-2004, and his close relationship with President Ronald Reagan. 

Stone was the Northeast Coordinator for Reagan’s 1980 presidential campaign, at the time when Reagan and LaRouche discussed during a debate among candidates in New Hampshire. Stone quoted Reagan from a personal conversation that, while he did agree with much of LaRouche’s policies, but not all, and considered him to be a friend. During the back and forth, LaRouche noted that the election of Donald Trump was a defeat for those, like President Obama, who were seeking to provoke a world war against Russia. 

In one exchange about the Bill Clinton presidency, LaRouche made clear that Clinton had been targeted by the British Queen and was under major attack when he capitulated to the repeal of Glass-Steagall, and that Hillary Clinton contributed to the demise of her husband’s presidency. Stone agreed with that assessment. He showed great respect for Mr. LaRouche throughout the interview, and delighted in the fact that some people on Wall Street will go berserk over the fact that he was interviewing LaRouche. 

LaRouche repeated that the Trump victory represented a global defeat for those provoking war against Russia, and that, while it is not yet known what the President elect will accomplish in office, the halt of the war drive is a major contribution in itself. Stone made clear that one of the issues that he is certain that Trump will pursue is the reinstatement of GlassSteagall, a policy that Stone noted has been promoted by Lyndon LaRouche for a long time. Syria, Jihadis: Trump Begins to Set Course Donald Trump’s first national security appointment gives an early indication of the changes now underway in Washington. 

On Nov. 18, it was announced that the President-elect had offered the job of National Security Adviser to General Michael EIR STRATEGIC ALERT 2 WEEKLY NEWSLETTER n°47 / 2016 Flynn, the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency who was fired by President Obama in 2014 for his refusal to go along with the Administration’s policy of de facto support for major Islamic terrorist groups, including the Islamic State and the Al Qaeda front, al-Nusra. Flynn was well-known for forecasting the rise of the jihadist caliphate in the border region of Iraq and Syria, and for debunking the White House’s fraudulent explanation of the Benghazi 9/11 attack in which US Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other American officials were killed by Ansar al-Sharia (affiliate of Al Qaeda) in a pre-meditated terrorist attack, that Obama and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tried to pass off as a spontaneous protest over a little-known film slandering the Prophet Mohammed. 

In an Al Jazeera interview after he was fired which became famous, Gen. Flynn made clear that the Benghazi attack was not a policy failure but a consequence of conscious policies that were adopted by President Obama, who was more fixated on regime change in Libya and Syria than on combating the jihadist threat. Flynn, who personally met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow earlier this year, is part of Trump’s inner circle that is prepared to forge proper relations with Russia. 

The Trump transition team also announced the appointment of Cong. Mike Pompeo as the new Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Just prior to these announcements, General James Clapper, President Obama’s Director of National Intelligence handed in his resignation, effective in two months. This means that both Clapper and CIA Director John Brennan, two architects of President Obama’s courtship with the Saudis and Sunni jihadists, are out and the way is paved for a new policy direction, with a distinct Flynn imprint. 

These developments make it difficult for Obama to carry out any dangerous flight forward actions at this point, but there are no guarantees. Already, though, there appears to be a shift in the US Administration’s actions in Syria, where, for the first time, the U.S.-backed forces seem to be going after the Nusra Front, as well as ISIS. In more than a year of bilateral negotiations, John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov have been working out plans for joint Russian-American counter-terror operations against both groups. Brennan and Defense Secretary Ashton Carter had, until recently, been able to block any action on the plans, as U.S.-Russian relations reached the lowest point in t

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